We are a family-owned and operated fund specializing in real estate acquisitions, particularly in Texas. By investing in these properties alongside our investors, we ensure that our interests are perfectly aligned with theirs.

For a long time, we have invested in individual pieces of commercial real estate alongside our investors, some of whom we’ve known for over 25 years. After achieving continued success, we recognized that limiting our investor pool to friends and family restricted our growth potential. This realization led to the birth of FISYN Fund I LLC.

In addition to our experience, we are well connected in the space with well known brokers, developers, accountants, engineers, appraisers, attorneys and bankers that allow us to identify properties, underwrite, negotiate, purchase and sell with maximum efficiency.

Meet Our Team

Rawney C McVaney​


Micah McVaney

Vice President – Sales

Jash Singh

Vice President – Operations